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Humanist Ceremonies of All Kinds

“We chose you because it felt right. It was that simple. You listened, we felt the vibe, we laughed, you laughed. We sensed how important love was in your life and we wanted some of that too!”

Humanist Ceremonies of all kinds

As a humanist celebrant, I like to help people celebrate everything!

Whether it’s a wedding, vow renewal, transition ceremony or naming ceremony, these are important life events that deserve to be remembered.  

My motto – “We only have one life, celebrate it!”

My job is to help you plan a ceremony that celebrates ‘your’ love in all its glory and shares that love with your friends and family. If you’re looking for a humanist celebrant and have found me, you’re probably already wanting something a little bit different. With that in mind, we need to be a good match too. 

I build my professional reputation on three principles:  

Being open. Being honest. Being me. It’s a bit like love in a way. 

I aim to listen carefully, be curious about you and your ideas for your ceremony, ask helpful questions, offer suggestions, accept who you are without question and turn all those thoughts and feelings, memories and treasures into something that is meaningful, lasting and real

Indoors or outside, intimate or formal, large guest list or small, the translation of your thoughts and dreams about this day are brought to life through careful preparation.

The key ingredients: my experience and flexibility as a humanist celebrant, a venue that feels right for you, a brilliant event planner and/or a tribe of fantastic friends to support you. Oh. And of course the most important ingredient …..love!

For my part, I promise that together we will create something really special – combining the setting, the ‘feel’, the words and the music chosen by you that will guarantee everyone (especially you) drifts home with unforgettable memories. 

Being a humanist celebrant is a cross between being a good listener, a thought explorer, a dream weaver, a writer and a performer. If you are looking for a celebrant with style, wisdom and panache then look no further.

If you need more reassurance please pop over to my ‘happy people’ page, for lots of positive feedback. 

Hand-tying Ceremonies

Tie the knot with this symbolic act that can take place during a wedding ceremony, where the hands of the happy couple are bound together with ribbon or cord, to represent their commitment to each other.

Bespoke Naming Ceremonies

I love performing naming ceremonies for all times of life including new babies, adoption, age/stage of life transition for children and young people.

This type of bespoke ceremony can also include celebration and affirmation:  gender transition and gender reassignment, or gender reveal.

Love is Love

I have worked with so many wonderful people over the years – young and old, binary and non binary, transgender, same-sex or straight, and the one thing they all share in common – they want their special day to reflect who they are and how they live their life.

Photos on this page are used with huge thanks to many of the wonderful photographers I have worked with over the years. Details of all those I recommend can be found on my –  Inspiring Wedding Suppliers page…