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Hello and welcome,

I’m Dawn Rees, a humanist celebrant based in East Anglia but very happy to travel in the name of love.
I absolutely love my job, being a celebrant is incredibly rewarding.  I get to create unique ceremonies and share in some really special life moments. What’s not to love?

Choosing the right Celebrant……

If you’re looking for celebrant, you’re probably already wanting something a little bit different.
My role as your celebrant is to give your ideas life and make them sparkle.
I deliver tailor-made ceremonies, I never use a pre-prepared script and your ceremony is 100% unique to you.
If you are looking for a celebrant with style, lots of experience and a sense of fun – then get in touch.

What is a Humanist Ceremony?

A humanist ceremony is a non-religious or secular celebration that marks a significant life event or milestone. Typically conducted by a humanist celebrant like me, trained and accredited by Humanists UK to create and lead meaningful, bespoke ceremonies including; weddings, commitment ceremonies, transition ceremonies, renewals and naming ceremonies.

To be honest, a celebrant can help you celebrate any life event. And why not, you only have one life – it’s worth celebrating!

Why Choose a Humanist Ceremony?

Because you can choose someone who shares your values and approach to life, plus they’re incredibly personal, super flexible and memorably unique!

Whether you want a festival themed wedding in the woods, a ceremony on the beach or a simple quiet affair with a few special people – the great thing about a humanist ceremony is that anything is possible.

Maybe you want your friends or your children to play a central role or you want to ensure that your culture is slap bang in the middle of your day. Indoors, outdoors, at home or abroad – the possibilities are endless, as is the fun we can have whilst planning your celebration. 

Why Me?

‘Loving’, ‘Laughing’, ‘Living’ reflect my fundamental values and approach to my work as a celebrant. I have written and delivered scripts for hundreds of ceremonies and whilst all are unique, they all celebrate individuality, humour, equality, fairness and love.

Personal, family and relationship milestones are important and how we celebrate them should be memorable. That’s my promise to you – a day you’ll remember, filled with love and laughter.

“Quite the most romantic wedding ceremony I’ve ever been to. The individual touches, their story, their personal vows, the setting – all tied into one amazing package. Perfect! Dawn has quite a presence and authority. The ceremony was incredibly well thought out and personal.”

Photos on this page are used with huge thanks to many of the wonderful photographers I have worked with over the years. Details of all those I recommend can be found on my Inspiring Wedding Suppliers page